Why use a wax wrap?

Well other than reducing the use of plastics, a wax wrap keeps food fresher for longer. They are also aesthetically pleasing!


What are your wraps made of?

Our wraps are made with love, AND Organic Cotton, Premium Vegan Grade Candelilla Wax (plant-based) Tree Rosin, and US Organic Jojoba Oil.


What can I wrap?

You can pretty much wrap anything you want! We find most people use their wraps for food items such as avocados, cheese, sandwiches, or to cover a bowl or plate.


How do I care for my wraps?

After using your wrap you can simply wipe clean or rinse it under cool or tepid water and let air dry. If needed, use a small amount of mild soap. Avoid hot water, this will desaturate the material.  AVOID: microwaves and dishwashers. Essentially, keep your wrap in as close to room temperate as possible.


How long does it last and what do I do with them after?

They should last about a year! Once your wrap is done eliminating single use plastics, it can be used as a great fire starter or added to your compost!


What size is best for my needs?

The Small: block of cheese, lime/lemon, avocado, covering small containers/jars

The Medium: sandwich, cookies, grapefruit

The Large: melon, butternut squash, cabbage, covering baking dishes


Tricks and Tip:

To increase the adherence of the wrap use the WARMTH OF YOUR HANDS! We always recommend heating the wrap material by manipulating it prior to adherence.

Keep your wrap away from any (non-human generated) heat source, like microwave, oven, or hot water.